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· 12 min read
Alex DeBrie

When building an application with AWS Lambda, you may need to host your Lambda function in a VPC. The most common reason for this is because your Lambda function will use other resources which aren't accessible from the public internet, such as a relational database or Redis instance.

Since the improvement of VPC cold starts in 2019, hosting a Lambda function inside a VPC is more feasible even for user-facing workflows. However, by default, your Lambda function in a VPC won't have access to the public internet. This is fine for many use cases, as you may have an HTTP endpoint that uses your database in the VPC and responds to the user without making any public internet calls.

But even a single endpoint like this can be a pain if you're using a service like Amazon CloudWatch Metrics to store metrics about your function's execution. Like other AWS services, the CloudWatch Metrics API is a public API that requires public internet access to publish metric data from your Lambda function.

In this post, we'll see three ways to use AWS services from your Lambda function in a VPC: