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· 17 min read
Alex DeBrie

I've done a lot of work with DynamoDB over the years, so my mental model of how distributed databases work is very much based on DynamoDB. But not all distributed databases work like DynamoDB! Sometimes when I venture out into the world of other distributed databases, I'm surprised by how they handle things differently.

In this post, I want to look at a specific aspect of distributed databases: how they handle secondary indexes.

· 22 min read
Alex DeBrie

One of the core complaints I hear about DynamoDB is that it can't be used for critical applications because it only provides eventual consistency.

It's true that eventual consistency can add complications to your application, but I've found these problems can be handled in most situations. Further, even your "strongly consistent" relational databases can result in issues if you're not careful about isolation or your choice of ORM. Finally, the benefits from accepting a bit of eventual consistency can be pretty big.

In this post, I want to dispel some of the fear around eventual consistency in DynamoDB.