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Alex DeBrie

About Me

👋 Hi, I'm Alex DeBrie. I want to help the next generation of developers learn AWS.

I wrote The DynamoDB Book, a comprehensive guide to data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB. AWS named me an AWS Data Hero due to my work with DynamoDB, and I've given talks at AWS re:Invent, multiple AWS Summits, and dozens of meetups.

I was first exposed to DynamoDB while working at Serverless, Inc., creators of the Serverless Framework. Like many others, I was amazed by the power of serverless architectures -- the fast iteration times, the pay-per-use pricing model, and the reduced operational toil. I've been doing my best to spread my love of serverless ever since.

I've worked with all kinds of clients, from product companies to consultancies; from government agencies to publicly-traded enterprises. No matter your situation, I want to help you and your team use AWS well.

In a prior life, I was a corporate lawyer. In my current life, I live in Omaha, NE with my wife and four kids.